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Welcome to the Promising Practices web site. Promising Practices: Campus Alcohol Strategies strives to contribute to reducing alcohol-related problems among college and university students by motivating institutions of higher education to share their resources and strategies. Resulting from national solicitations, the project's Sourcebook incorporates a wide range of strategies designed to assist campuses in their efforts to prevent or reduce alcohol-related problems.

The goal of making our campuses healthier and safer living and learning environments is attainable; sharing our strategies and resources will enable us to more quickly maximize our students' potential. We are confident that vision, patience, and perseverance will help us to minimize alcohol abuse on campuses.

Our web site contains the Sourcebook, the Findings and Recommendations, the Task Force Planner and Guide, related links, and other useful information.




For additional information about Promising Practices: Campus Alcohol Strategies, please call 703-993-3697 or e-mail us.